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Geneva Escorts is proud to present Alina - a woman who can only be called classically beautiful. She started her career as a pin up girl, but now prefers something a little more hands on. Alina has the perfect face and the perfect body; we have no doubts that she has the ultimate in looks. If you are looking for some sexy eye candy, they don't come any sweeter in taste than Alina.

Alina has been defined as the perfect girl, the type of girl you would be proud to take home to meet your parents. She is not only beautiful, but well educated with an interest in math and science. She can hold intelligent conversation and is at ease being the life of the party. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and her athletic body shows. She loves the feeling of competition and finds sweat dripping off her body from hard work to be exotic and appealing. Alina loves sports, jokes, music, and literature.

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Alina knows how to have a good time no matter where she goes. Her classic pin up style looks make her ideal to show off anywhere you would want to go. Her intellect and personality make her enjoyable company in any social situations. Not only is she the perfect date, but she is also the perfect playmate; after all, she knows how to work a racket and balls. She would make the perfect companion for a work event, for a family outing, or even just an intimate good time. This classic beauty is very busy, so don't wait to book your time with this Geneva Escort favorite, or you may miss out!

Alina standing topless taking off see-through panties
Alina leaning back on sofa topless wearing white lace underwear and stockings
Alina sitting on sofa taking off panties topless
Alina posing sexy on white sofa wearing high heels, stockings and bare breasts
Alina laying back on sofa with legs in air and shaved pussy exposed
Alina wearing only stockings bent over sofa with ass towards camera
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