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Escort Geneva Shares The Secrets To A Memorable Coppet Vacation

Coppet is a city rich with great Swiss history and culture. It is also the home of many friendly, charming, smart and gorgeous women who will be happy to show you the great Swiss culture. Make your visit to Coppet one of the best trips ever have by sharing it with these fantastic women.

We at Escort Geneva are more than pleased to provide you with excellent companions who will help you explore and discover all the must see places in Coppet. Let our girls show you around and let them take you to the most popular establishments and tourist spots in town!


Café Copétane

Located at: Grand'Rue 30, 1296 Coppet
Phone Number: +41 22 776 35 82

Café Copétane will offer you and your date a nice, hot cup of coffee, which is exactly what you will need before you start your day. Many locals and tourists like visiting Café Copétane and considers it as one of the best coffee place in town. Their friendly staff will make sure that your needs are attended to quickly and have your coffees and meals served right away. They are popular with many locals and tourists, not only for the good food but also for the excellent and unparalleled service provided by all their employees. You and your date can find a comfortable seat inside this warm cafe and be served with delicious breakfasts or snacks.

La Couronne à Mies

Located at: Rue du Village 30, 1260 Mies, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 755 24 90

This cafe is 5 minutes away and is really close to Coppet. You and your date can take a short drive to La Couronne à Mies and spend a nice afternoon together. If you want to go out and warm up your nights early then this is the best place to visit. This cafe-bar has a great selection of wines, cocktails, champagne and other hard liquors that you can choose from. They also serve delicious appetizers and full meals that you and your date can share while you talk about the places you'll be visiting during your stay at Coppet. The cafe has a nice terrace surrounded by flowering plants that are very nice and relaxing to look at. The place is also very clean and organized so you and your date will really feel comfortable staying at this cafe.

Guillaume Bichet - Confiserie de La Fontaine

Located at: Grand'Rue 38, 1296 Coppet
Phone Number: +41 22 960 11 01

If you have a sweet tooth, ask your Escort Geneva date to take you to Confiserie de La Fontaine where you'll find many sweet and delicious treats. They have a wide selection of pastries, baked items and chocolates which the owners created themselves. And who knows, you and your Escort Geneva date may get creative and may want to use some of the sweet treats you can get from Confiserie de La Fontaine for later.


iPasta Baptiste Colletti

Located at: Grand'Rue 26, 1296 Coppet
Phone Number: +41 22 776 09 09

This is a small yet popular restaurant in Coppet that is known for serving flavorful pasta dishes that are made with fresh ingredients to ensure quality. The restaurant is proud to tell their guests that they do not use any preservatives on their food, which makes the dishes very healthy and tasty. They also have some wines available that will really go well with the pasta they serve. iPasta is a great place to grab a quick bite before you head to the big city and see the famous local tourist attractions in town.

Kokliko Sàrl

Located at: Chemin des Perrières 2 1296 Coppet
Phone Number: +41 22 776 13 51

Kokliko is one of our favorite pizzerias in Coppet and if you are also a huge fan of these flavorful treats then this restaurant should be on top of your must-visit list! This restaurant is famous for their tasty and delicious pizza, made from the freshest ingredients available. You and your date can grab a quick snack and some drinks at Kokliko and indulge yourselves in the mouth watering meals served at this place.


Coppet Castle

Located at: Allée du Château, 1296 Coppet
Phone Number: +41 22 776 10 28

If you want to see one of the most popular tourist attraction in Coppet, then ask your Escort Geneva date to come with you and visit Le château de Coppet. Your date will know a lot of fun facts about the castle and other popular hot spots in Coppet, so we can guarantee that you will never have a dull moment with your date. If you want to know a little bit more of the history of the place, try and test your lovely date's knowledge.


Hotel Du Lac

Located at: Grand'Rue 51, 1296 Coppet
Phone Number: +41 22 960 80 00

Be treated like royalty and pamper yourself by staying at this classic and elegant hotel. Hotel Du lac is one of the most timeless and favored hotels in Coppet. Many tourists decide to pick this hotel amongst others because of the charm and sophistication of this place. Their amazing staff are also very attentive and most welcoming, so you and your date should be prepared to be treated like kings and queens. The hotel offers classic rooms and suites with a separate living room and a nice balcony where you can be amazed every day of your stay by the magnificent view of the lake. With all the comfort and style of the old times and the modern touch of technology, you and your date will certainly get everything you need at this warm and cozy hotel.

Auberge Au Lion d'Or

Located at: Route du Village 1, 1295 Tannay
Phone Number: +41 22 776 04 23

Auberge Au Lion d'Or is just a few minutes away, which practically puts its location in Coppet. It is one of the more pleasant hotels near Coppet, as this small hotel offers comfortable, neat and budget friendly accommodations that you should take advantage of; especially if you are planning to see more of Coppet and the nearby cities. The owner and staff of the hotel are always present and available to help you and welcome you at their humble place. The hotel has their own cafe and restaurant where you and your date can get a nice lunch or dinner before you hit the pubs or clubs nearby.

Let us make your trip to Coppet become a wonderful treasure. We'll provide you with the most enjoyable, satisfying and unforgettable memory that you will keep for a very long time. Contact us at Escort Geneva and share your wonderful stay with one of our charming ladies.

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