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Visit The Hottest Spots In Meyrin With A Beauty From Escort Geneva

Have you ever wondered if what you have heard about Meyrin and Geneva are true? Well, if you've heard that they are the places where all your fantasies come to life and where you'll find the most gorgeous, smart and talented women, then those, without a doubt, are absolutely true!

And we at Escort Geneva are more than happy to introduce you to many of those women that you only have heard about. Let our girls fulfill your dreams and show why Meyrin is a great destination for your vacation. Allow them to take you to the places we have listed below to start your grand tour!


Montreux Jazz Café Geneva

Located at: Arrivals Hall Route de l'Aéroport 13, 215 Genève
Phone Number: +41 22 817 46 40

This cafe started operating around 2008 and has been one of the favorite hangout places near Meyrin ever since. It is a fun place that is usually filled with music lovers who want to enjoy the Montreux Jazz experience. This cafe usually holds concerts and jam sessions to entertain their guests, so you and your Escort Geneva date will definitely have an amazing time at Montreux Jazz. You can check out their beautiful art pieces hanging on the cafe's walls or displayed and scattered around some areas of the cafe. The place has a very festive and lively atmosphere and a warm and welcoming ambiance that most of their guests find very inviting. You and your date can grab some hot coffee or snacks during the day or a couple of drinks during the afternoon before you go and visit other nice places in or near Meyrin.

Café de Mategnin

Located at: Avenue Auguste-François-Dubois 37, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 782 06 88

Café de Mategnin is worth visiting if you love a good quality and delicious steak. This is one of our favorite dish served at this cafe and your Escort Geneva date can attest to how good their steaks are. This cafe is nicely situated in the lively center of Meyrin and is really close to other establishments that you may want to check out after you get your tummies full. It is a very charming and refreshing bistro that is filled with friendly and accommodating people who are always willing to share a story or two. You and your date can chat with some of the patrons of the cafe or meet tourists like yourself who are also looking for the best places to visit in town. Café de Mategnin will not only provide you with a good cup or coffee or delicious food but will also offer you a great opportunity of making new acquaintances.


Restaurant Charley's

Located at: Rue du Cardinal-Journet 4, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 782 41 52

The chef and the whole crew of Restaurant Charley's are glad to welcome their guests and always strives to give their guests a wonderful and unforgettable dining experience. The will do whatever they can to make sure the you and your date will have a good stay at Restaurant Charley's. Their menu offers many must try dishes such as their Penne pasta with fried prawns in red curry and coconut milk sauce and their grilled beef steak with a special Charley sauce. If you want to try something different and explore the unique taste of Geneva, Restaurant Charley's will definitely have a lot to offer you and your date. Get more adventurous with your meals and try their appetizing dishes, and we guarantee that you will love them for sure!

Nant d'Avril

Located at: Route du Nant-d'Avril 107, 1217 Meyrin
Phone Number: +41 22 782 98 22

This restaurant is a famous grill house in Meyrin because of their flavorful and delicious grilled specialties. Nant d'Avril promises to deliver good food by making sure that they use fresh meat and other produce when making their dishes. They also are famous for serving some exotic dishes such as frog legs. This restaurant also offers a salad buffet which is an added value for your money. You and your date can occupy a seat in their large terrace and enjoy the morning sun or stay inside for a cozier ambiance. You can also witness and ask our Escort Geneva girls to showcase their talents in singing by taking advantage of the karaoke nights at Nant d'Avril every Friday and Saturday!


Moevenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva

Located at: Route de Pré-Bois 20, 1215 Genève, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 717 11 11

Close to the Geneva International Airport, this hotel offers a great deal of convenience by having a free shuttle service at scheduled times. It is a 20 story hotel that will give you and your date a lot of rooms to choose from Moevenpick Hotel & Casino strives to provide their guests will almost everything that they would need, they have their own bar, restaurant, a casino, fitness facility and even a hair salon on site. They also offer a 24 hour business center that you can utilize at any given time. They also provide their guests with very spacious rooms that offers a modern convenience to ensure that they feel fully relaxed all through out their stay. Everything about this hotel screams luxury and comfort, so we believe it is the best recommendation we can give.

Hotel 33

Located at: Avenue Louis-Casai 82, 1216 Cointrin, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 710 40 60

If you are planning to spend most of your time exploring the vicinity and prefer a less extravagant yet comfortable hotel, we would highly recommend Hotel 33. This hotel close to many establishments such as restaurants, bars and clubs so it would be really accessible in case you and your Escort Geneva date decides to retire for the night after some serious partying! To add a nice memory to your visit, ask your Escort Geneva date to take you to one of the most popular marijuana bars in town and feel the nice kick of your smoke in the confinement of your pleasant room.


Crazy Paradise

Located at: Rue de la Rôtisserie 2, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 22 310 29 39

Just a few minutes away from Meyrin, you will find this enticing strip club in the center of Geneva. Let your eyes adjust to the seductive lights of Crazy Paradise and let them tickle your senses with the sultry music they play along to the amazing performances of their lovely ladies. The ladies of Crazy Paradise will show you the sexiest pole dancing moves you have never seen anywhere and in their provocative clothes and daring dance moves, they will sizzle up your evenings. You'd better be prepared to delight in the most beautiful scene you will ever see during your stay in Meyrin.

Don't waste another second contemplating and have a look at our beautiful angels. Find the girl of your dreams, pick up your phone and contact us at Escort Geneva now!

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