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Discover The Beauty and Adventures In Montreux With These Insider Tips From Escort Geneva

Make your trip to Montreux exciting and gratifying by spending time with our lovely Escort Geneva girls. All of our ladies radiate a fun and bubbly spirit that will take you to a different place where there's nothing but pleasure and bliss. Geneva escorts are the naughty angels sent to fulfill your deepest fantasies and they are the best at it!

They can take you everywhere you want to go and we can assure you that you will never have a dull moment while they're at your side. Allow them to bring you to all the places we have listed below and you'll experience the fun you will only find in Montreux!


Confiserie Zurcher

Located at: Avenue du Casino 45, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland
Phone:+41 21 963 59 63

This cafe is located in the center of Montreux and has been around for over 130 years. Confiserie Zurcher has kept their reputation as one of the most elegant, refined, and welcoming places in the city. They offer a variety of meals, all made ??with the freshest ingredients and carefully prepared by their amazing kitchen staff. This cafe is proud of their delicious pastries and drinks that people always come back for. They also serve traditional recipes that will give you a taste of the best dishes you'll find in Montreux. They also have a nice and comfy tea room where you and your date can enjoy your food and get to know each other better.

White Horse Pub

Located at: Grand Rue 28 1820 Montreux
Phone Number: +41 21 963 15 92

If you want a more lively scene, you and your Escort Geneva date can go to White Horse Pub and get yourselves a drink or two. It's the best place to warm up if you have more plans for the rest of the evening. This place is an English pub where you can get a wide variety of drinks for you and your date. They also have darts and pool tables, so you can relax and play with your date, if you want. White Horse Pub is one of the busiest bars in Montreux, so if you're looking for the place where all the fun happens, this is the place to go.


Fonda Mexicana

Located at Avenue des Alpes 17B, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 961 38 46

When it comes to the best restaurants to try in Montreux, your date will certainly agree that Fonda Mexicana is one of them. If you are a huge fan of tasty and spicy food, Fonda Mexicana should be on the top of your list. They serve delicious Mexican dishes that you can partner with a drink of your choice. You can pick from their wine selection or have some tequila and margarita for your Escort Geneva date. This restaurant is one of our favorites and once you try their specialties, we know you'll understand why. Other than the delicious food they serve, Fonda Mexicana is also popular for their attentive staff who are always happy to entertain you and your date. It's a perfect place to enjoy good food and spend some quality time with your Escort Geneva date.

La Rouvenaz Restaurant

Located at 1, rue du marché, CH 1820 Montreux
Phone Number: +41 21 963 27 36

You will be overwhelmed with the variety of food they serve at this restaurant. La Rouvenaz specializes in serving different seafood dishes that will make you crave for more. They serve excellent Italian cuisine that will make your mouth water and offers different items on their menu weekly, so you are always in for a treat. You and your date can get a nice view of the lake while you enjoy a nice lunch or dinner; just the view will make your visit worth it! The place has a very classy and unique style that aims for comfort and relaxation. If you wish to dine in style, La Rouvenaz is the definitely the most amazing venue you'll find.


Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

Located at: Avenue Claude-Nobs 2, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 962 12 12

If you want a luxurious and comfortable place to take your date to, Fairmont is our top recommendation. It is one of the most famous hotels in Montreux and they are definitely known for a reason! Fairmont is a 5 star hotel that offers fantastic accommodations, complete with all the amenities you could possibly need. They are situated along the shores of Lake Geneva and their rooms will give you a magnificent view of the Alps. They're a proud member of Suisse Deluxe Hotels, which should give you an idea of what you are in for if you decide to stay with them.

Eden Palace Au Lac

Located at: Rue du Théâtre 11, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 966 08 00

This hotel is situated close to the and is near to some of the popular attractions in Montreux such as the Place Du Marche, Freddie Mercury Statue, and the Montreux Casino. You and your date are guaranteed to have a wonderful time staying at Eden Palace, regardless if you decide to just stay inside your room or go outside and see some of the nearby attractions. Their helpful employees will make sure that all your needs and requests are taken cared of and fulfilled the best way possible. The hotel does not only have great facilities and amenities but they also have a fantastic staff to go with it.


Pussy Cat Saloon

Located at Rue des Glacis-de-Rive 17, 1207 Genève
Phone Number: +41 22 736 15 00

This sex club is located in the heart of Geneva. Though you and your date would need to take a short trip to Geneva, we guarantee that you will have a lasting memory that you can bring home after your stay at Montreux. They have wonderful ladies from all parts of the world to satisfy your demands and provide you with remarkable adult entertainment. The Pussy Cat Saloon has a sophisticated and cozy interior that will definitely set your mood for a hot evening with your Escort Geneva date!

If you feel like having a slow and relaxed afternoon, your charming escort can also tell you where you can get high quality weed that you two can share and enjoy. Your Escort Geneva date will make all your days at Montreux memorable and delightful! Contact us at Escort Geneva and let our girls take care of you during your stay in our city.

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