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If it is a great time you're looking for while visiting Nyon let a Geneva Escort be your guide. The alluring women at Geneva Escort are at your disposal. They offer friendly social companionship for the lonely or perfect company for a more adventurous trip.

Geneva Escorts will be your ultimate tour guide as you venture around exciting Nyon. Let them accompany you to a romantic dinner for two, or a fun night out at one of the hip clubs.

If you desire a more private endeavor, take a gorgeous woman to stay at one of the amazing, and luxurious hotels, where you are bound to be pampered. You cannot go wrong with a Geneva Escort.

Restaurants and Cafes

No trip to Nyon is complete without visiting one of the many diverse restaurants. You can enjoy a romantic place for you and your Geneva Escort, or dine in a more relaxed and classical setting. Whatever your taste Nyon is sure to please.

Gelateria Venezia

Address: Rue de Rive 48, 1260 Nyon

Contact: 4122-362 0989

Gelateria Venezia was given a five star rating and a certificate of excellence. Enjoy a fabulous view of the lake while you and your Geneva Escort enjoy a quiet and relaxing Italian dinner. The menu and service is certain to satisfy.

Café des Arts

Address: Rue de Rive 66, 1260 Nyon

Contact: 4122-362 9622

You and your Geneva Escort can enjoy a glass of wine and dinner at this five star-rated café. With a wonderful selection of alcohol, you can relax at one of the outdoors table, and enjoy a classic, but simple, meal or appetizer. Locals rave about Café des Arts and its wonderful atmosphere.

Café du Marche

Address: Rue du Marche 3, 1260 Nyon

Contact: Telephone Number: 4122-362 4979

Enjoy a laid-back environment at the Café du Marche. You and your Geneva Escort can enjoy a simple meal of fish and chips, or scallops and Malaysian noodles. Top off your meal with a favourite dessert for a most delicious experience.

Smoke Shops

Do not forget to stop in and visit one of Nyon's fabulous smoke shops. Choose from a multitude of cigars to suit your taste, then sit back and enjoy.

La Couroone

Address: Place de Rive 34, Nyon

Contact: Telephone Number: 4122-361 1653

Said to be one of the best smoke shops around; you can't miss a trip to La Couroone. You and your Geneva Escort will receive excellent service here with time plenty to enjoy a cigar on the terrace with a cup of coffee for a wonderful delight.

Have A Smoke

Address: Av. Viollier 14, 1260 Nyon

Contact: 4122 -362 6866

Stop in and enjoy a smoke with a Geneva Escort. Have a Smoke offers comfortable seating and a wonderful selection of cigars. Choose your favourite and relax in their comfortable smoking lounge.


Hotel Real

Address: Place de Savoie 1, 1260 Nyon

Contact: 4122-365 8585

For an overnight accommodation that is simple and classic, you and a Geneva Escort can spend an evening at Hotel Real. Wake to enjoy breakfast on the terrace after enjoying a long and eventful night in a clean and comfortable room.

Hotel Ambassador

Address: Rue Saint-Jean 26, 1260 Nyon

Contact: 4122-994 4848

You and a Geneva Escort can enjoy a luxurious stay at the Hotel Ambassador. Enjoy a room with French doors that open into a huge balcony where you can observe the beautiful view of Lake Geneva. A great reprieve from the excitement of Nyon and time to relax and enjoy.

Hotel de l'Ange

Address: Rue Saint'Jean 22, 1960 Nyon

Contact: 4122-361 5509

Enjoy a night at Hotel de l'Ange with a beautiful woman on your arm. Here you and your Geneva Escort can enjoy all the comforts your heart desires. For a wonderful night's stay, with a hospitality you will not soon forget, you have found the right place.

Clubs and Nightlife

If you and your Geneva Escort are up for some nightlife fun, look no further than some exciting clubs in Nyon! For music, live entertainment, dancing and drinks you are certain to find a place that meets your needs.

Le Boroque Club

Address: Place de la Fusteria 12

Contact: 4122-849 8686

One of the top rated clubs in Genève, you and your Geneva Escort can enjoy an exciting evening of dancing and drinks. This classy club is sure to create an exciting night for you with its music and floor.


Address: Rue Arnold Winkelried 4, Nyon

Contact: 4122-310 5598

Considered one of the hottest clubs around, Shakers is perfect for dancing and drinks. Some of the best cocktails around, with an upbeat, friendly atmosphere, expect to have the night of your life.

Bypass Famous Club

Address: Place de l'Etoile 1,

Contact: 4122-330 6565

You and your lovely Geneva Escort will thoroughly enjoy a night at the Bypass Famous Club. You can experience live music and entertainment along with a comfortable lounge and fabulous bar well-stocked with alcohol. Stop in for a drink and a classy evening with a lady on your arm.

Sex Clubs

You and your Geneva Escort can enjoy one of several sex clubs if you are looking for something a little more intimate to please your needs. Look no further than some of the hottest clubs with some of the sexiest women.

Pussy Cat Saloon

Address: Rue des glacis-de Rive 17, Geneve

Contact: 4122-736 1500

For an erotic night in Nyon, you and your Geneva Escort should find your way to the Pussy Cat Saloon to enjoy a sensual show at one of the oldest cabarets around. Open seven days a week, you can always come to enjoy the full bar and beautiful women.

Escort Genève Massage Erotique Salon

Address: Eaux-Vives Vollandes Geneve

Contact: Telephone Number: 4179-616 1103

Take a break at one of the Escort Genève Salon and enjoy a sensual massage. You will not be disappointed in the end. Here you will find service aimed to please, service that is provided by experienced professionals.

Regardless of what type of lifestyle you lead, a Geneva Escort can show you the best time of your life while visiting Nyon. Each lovely woman wants nothing more than to offer you an exciting, pleasure filled adventure, one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Enjoy a fabulous day or night with one of your favorite Geneva Escorts. Choose the one who suites your needs the best. Allow Geneva Escort to be your tour guide into uncharted territories around Nyon, but don't wait - call now and secure your future!

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