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Switzerland is a country where prostitution has been legal since 1942 and people have used the services of prostitutes since medieval times. In this country one can enjoy a greater sexual freedom than in other European countries. In 2013, Switzerland introduced sex drive-ins to ensure the security of the legal prostitutes and this magnificent country has some of the most luxurious hotels in Europe. Tourists love to stay in the hotels because of the great service and many amenities, although they may be expensive.

The best places for adult entertainment can be found in the biggest cities in Switzerland. Your Geneva escort and you will be welcomed in these strip clubs, cabarets and dancing clubs. You certainly won't be disappointed if you choose to have fun with a girl from Escort Geneva in one of these cities. Swiss escorts are all you need for an exciting and hot European vacation. Choose the best city for you and let Escort Geneva take care of the rest. Here are the some of the cities you can choose to have fun visiting with the company of a Geneva escort.


The biggest city in Switzerland is a must when you're in this part of Europe. Since prostitution is legal in Switzerland since 1942, the city has many neighborhoods where you can find legal sex-workers. These areas also house some of the hottest cabarets and nightclubs for dancing and watching the dances of half-naked girls who take their clothes off in front of you. Your Geneva escort will complement the hot atmosphere with her presence and make your wildest dreams come true. The areas you want to visit when in Zurich are Niederdorf and Langstrasse Street. Many of the clubs there offer hot atmosphere, but some of the most famous choices are Blok, where you can enjoy electro music, and Hive, one of the biggest clubs in the city. In Zurich you can try your luck in a casino, as well. The beautiful girl from Escort Geneva will certainly bring you luck.


Geneva is famous for its great sex-clubs and exciting nightlife. There are several sex-clubs that are situated in the city centre, and all of them offer shows that start around 9:00 pm and finish around 5:00 am. That's plenty of time for you to have fun with the beautiful company from Escort Geneva. The places you can check out here are Crazy Paradise and Mille et une Nuits. On the other hand, when you're looking for a nightclub to dance or enjoy sensual kisses in the dark with the hot company from Escort Geneva, you can visit one of the clubs situated in the centre of the city. The Pussy Cat Club and The Velvet Club are well-known among both locals and tourists. Many nightclubs in Geneva feature smoking rooms for your comfort.


Basel is situated at the meeting point of France, Germany and Switzerland. This is a city of art and culture. Just as in other parts of Switzerland, here you can enjoy luxury like nowhere in the world. Prices are high, but the experiences you are priceless. In Basel you will find one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, Les Trois Rois, where people like Napoleon and bands like The Rolling Stones have stayed. Basel is a place where one can find numerous licensed brothels and hot cabarets for adult entertainment if that is your wish. You can enjoy the company of your Geneva escort in sauna club or strip club, as well. The areas that house most of these fun spots are Kleinbasel, Webergasse, and Ochsengasse.


Lausanne is where people from all parts of Switzerland come to have fun in some of the several nightclubs and cabarets. This city is a hotspot for travelers of every age because of its great location. Many hotels in Lausanne offer million dollar views of the Alps or of Lake Geneva. In Lausanne, luxury is synonymous for life - and so is pleasure. Escort Geneva can make your trip to Switzerland unforgettable if you choose to visit this city with the company of a Swiss escort. One important Lausanne street you should remember is Rue de Geneve. Here you will find the best clubs in the city which attract thousands of people who come to dance and have fun. Often, Rue de Geneve hosts an international DJ or organizes a live concert. Choose your favorite music and party with a Geneva escort like it's your last day on Earth. Once you have finished dancing, you can take the fun on the next level by visiting a sex-club. Places like Brummel and Anaconda are waiting for you and your Geneva escort during the night.


Bern is a city where you don't have to worry about who you are or where are you coming from. The place is open for everyone who wants to enjoy life and have fun. You and your Geneva escort will receive a warm welcome in every nightclub or cabaret you visit. Some such places you can check out are situated in Schwanengasse, Rainmattstrasse, and N12 Viadukt. These districts will make your wildest erotic dreams come true. The Excalibur erotic bar is the perfect place to enjoy a striptease while enjoying comfort at the hands of your talented Geneva escort. The city of Bern offers many places for LGBT people - Aux petits fours and Blue Cat are just two places to enjoy the company of LGBT people.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it's nothing if you haven't seen it with the right companion. Escort Geneva can make your visit there truly special and enjoyable. Escort Geneva's girls know how to pleasure a man in many ways. You can be the next lucky man who will let a beautiful girl take care of him in a way he deserves to be treated. Our recommendations will only help you manage your trip more easily, while the girl from Geneva escort will show you the way to heaven while in Switzerland.

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