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The Best of Versoix, Geneva

Versoix, Geneva has a lot to offer. It is a place where you can experience relaxation and nature at a completely new level, and it casts a stark and pleasing contrast the popular escort service scene in cities like Amsterdam. That doesn't mean you can't have the same kind of fun. Our Geneva Escort can guarantee that no matter where your are, you can experience the excitement and pleasure that you desire.

Pubs and Bars

Versoix is home to some of the hippest and most artistic pubs and bars. Most of the locals in this place enjoy a drink or two at night accompanied by live bands and music.

Artist's Pub

Artist Pub features a colorful and lively ambiance, which is why it is one of the best places to see in Versoix. It features a lot of flat screen televisions and you can relax while enjoying pop music and the classics. It is a fun place to have a drink, since its karaoke rooms are open when you want it and as long as you want it. The pub is located at L'Artist'sPub Chemin J-B Vandelle 5, 190 Versoix and can be contacted at 022 779 1294.

Leopard Room Bar

This is the perfect place to have a romantic date with your companion. This bar offers a vast menu of premium alcohol, wine, beer, cocktails and champagne. In addition, their food menu contains dishes that can pleasure not only your appetite, but also your palette. You can find Leopard Room Bar at Quai du Mont-Blanc, 17 Geneva, 1201 GE. For inquiries, you may call them at +41 22 906 5536.

Mag's Bar

Mag's Bar is one of the finest champagne bars in the area. Enjoy the company of your lady friend while relaxing with a glass of champagne. Mag's bar offers unforgettable memories because of its sexy and cozy ambiance and charming hostesses. It is located at 4 Ruelle des Templiers, 1204 GE and can be contacted at +41 79 340 7301 for reservations.

Seven Bar

This is the place to experience the taste of the seven deadly sins. Never running out of exciting ideas, the people behind the Seven Bar are continuously coming up with new ideas in order to keep their customers and patrons coming back. This is the perfect place to get drunk on lust and will no doubt fill the rest of your evening.


Versoix is home to the most luxurious hotels that you can find. Surrounded by an amazing view, you can only have the most intimate of dates with your lovely Escort Geneva companion. You can end the night in these lavish hotels to complete your sensual escapade to this beautiful place

Geneve Cottage

Geneve Cottage is an 18th century cottage, which is located amidst abundant greenery. It is a five star hotel that offers a lot of spacious and exclusive rooms. Each room also features the amenities that are designed for you and your date's comfort. You and your companion can have a special evening in their garden and terrace, both of which are perfect for intimacy. Geneve Cottage is located at Route de Suisse 190, 1290 Versoix, Geneve, Suisse. You may contact them at +41 22 369 0003.

Lake Geneva Hotel

This posh and luxurious hotel is positioned on the shores of Lake Geneva and is close to the center of the city. Lake Geneva Hotel aims to provide the highest level of quality when it comes to your enjoyment and comfort. Surely, when you are checked in this hotel with your Geneva escort, nothing can stop you from enjoying every moment of your stay. Lake Geneva Hotel is located at Route de Suisse 77, 1290 Versoix, Geneve. You may contact them at +41 22 907 8111 to book a room.

Experience the Sexy Side of Versoix

Versoix has a sexy side just waiting for you to discover it. Luckily, our ladies at Escort Geneva are more than willing to expose you to this place's different side. No matter what your cravings, our lovely escorts can assure you that they will do anything and everything just to bring you pleasure. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, the talents of any of our Geneva Escorts will surely be pleasurable and unforgettable. Contact us as Escort Geneva to make your trip an amazing and unique one through the company of our beautiful women. All you have to do is call of our one of a kind escort service and our ladies will do the rest to make your dreams a reality.

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